Armstrong Ceilings

Subcategory: 3-D Ceiling System Panels, Acoustic Tile, Ceiling Tiles, Integrated Systems, Suspension Systems

Armstrong World Industries offers interior ceiling solutions that help to enhance comfort, save time, improve building efficiency and overall performance, and create beautiful spaces.

Sanigrid II

Subcategory: Laminated Panels

Sanigrid II is an all-fiberglass ceiling grid system from Crane Composites that will resist moisture in high humidity and chemical environments.

National Gypsum Company

Subcategory: Gypsum Ceiling Panels

National Gypsum ceiling panels are a specialty gypsum board with increased uniformity and integrity of the gypsum core.

Nudo Products, Inc.

Subcategory: Laminated Panels, Suspension Systems

From a strong, lightweight design to a decorative, versatile need, Nudo panels are resistant to high-moisture conditions with near limitless design capability.

Parkland Plastics, Inc.

Subcategory: Ceiling Tiles
Material: PVC

SpectraTile by Parland Plastics is the only completely waterproof lay-in ceiling tile on the market.


Subcategory: Lighting Panels
Material: Acrylic, Styrene

Plaskolite's lighting panels fit standard ceiling grids in kitchens, recreation rooms and basements. Available in a variety of patterns, sizes and colors.

USG - USG Ceilings

Subcategory: Acoustic Tile, Ceiling Tiles

USG Acoustical Ceiling Panels offer afforable ceiling options.